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Creative Disaster

A while back I posted about a plan to expedite my scrapbook layouts. I never posted about the experience, it didn’t work! I did manage to get the honeymoon book done in 2 weeks which is still a record to be reckoned with!  However, in our house it appears as though in order to be creative and productive, you must first create a mess.  I present to you my workspace….


While you may thin I was thoughtful enough to take picture of my mess for my blog, I certainly would also display my stellar layouts right?  Oops.  I guess those will be coming. Take my word for now, they are FABULOUS! 

In other projects around the house, we have the luxury of painting a room red.  I neglected to get pictures amidst the chaos, but let me showcase the final product.  Ready.  I give to you our “red room.”


Minus the fact that it took a few coats of primer and a few more of the luscious red (actually it’s technically Vatican Red) paint, I’m overjoyed with the results.  The contrast between the red walls and damask valance, and shimmery comforter and pillows, makes me feel like royalty when I lie on the bed.  It really makes the white trim and dark hardware pop out doesn’t it?!?!?


Hmm, so where does the disaster come into play.  Let me explain.  Diesel was amazing while we were painting, ufting himself onto the bed to watch the painting extravaganza, followed by sighs, yawns and snores.  Brent and I were overly cautious of him getting close to the wet paint.  Imagine my surprise when he crawled up on the bed and had a perfect diagonal line of red paint just above his paw.  This befuddled both Brent and I.  I feverishly scurried him off the bed to assess the damage.  Virtually nothing was on the bed.  Brent followed Mr. Independent back downstairs where from the tone of his voice, I determined he might need counseling.  Apparently Diesel had discovered the stir stick covered in red paint.  Much like he would do with most other sticks, he found a comfy place to lie down and chew up the stick.  The fact that it had red paint didn’t bother him.  His destination of choice..the living room.  Mind you the carpet in the living room is an off-white color.  We were able to scrub most of it out, so at least the pink polka dots in our living room are very subtle.  

I, on the other hand, was so wound up in redness I went on my merry way painting the house red.  I decided to add a red accent to our kitchen door…


and continued the movement upstairs to the hallway door.  But after much consideration the redness was getting a little overwhelming. I opted for coasts 2 and 3 to be a more neutral color (same as the living room) and jumped to the task one afternoon while Brent was gone.  Only as I painted this door I got a little carried away.  I guess our next painting project will be the hallway.  My rational was that it was my birthday, and it’s not nice for Brent to yell at me on my birthday.  After seeing how cool the white trim looked with the darker walls, the existing off-white color in the hallway just wasn’t cutting it!  What do you think?!?! 



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Against my religion!

According to scrapbooking books and stores I should be scrapping all the big moments in your life such as buying a new home, a new puppy, a wedding….hmm, so where do I start if I did ALL of those things in 2008?

I went to print off picture from the 3 full SD cards I’ve been sporting around for quite some time. I printed the honeymoon in it’s entirety-254 pictures. Our “child” aka Diesel- 177 pictures. I might have a problem, and I realize that. I’m obsessed with taking pctures, especially of every little detail of our child.

In my defense, parents create complete books of their children by the time they are 1 year. While our child may have 4 legs and some pretty rough morning breath, he’s still our child. I feel obligated to create his own book so he can look ack on those wonderful puppy memories when he’s mature and ready to move out. I’m rationalizing her folks…but I think it’s completely legitimate to scrap our memories with him Especially for year 1. Speaking of year 1, his birthday is in a few months and I really wan to throw him a birthday party and invite our friends and family?!??! Is that obnoxious?

So I’m hunkering down this weekend and doing something I never thought I’d do. My plan is to do 40 pages in 48 hours or the equivalent of my waking hours this weekend. I usually linger painfully over decision of what color paper to mat my pictures, should I cover the chipboard with pretty paper, or paint it with acrylic paints. It’s a painful process sometimes that takes hours (it is not uncommon for me to spend over 10 hours creating 1 page). So I’m taking up some tips to speed-scrap. I already have ideas in mind for certain layouts. I went through all the pictures and organized them in the order of which they will be put into the scrapbook. I also went through my paper and pulled papers that would compliment my layout designs. I was about to start going through the embellishments, when it was just to much planning for me. I am sitting down tonight with a timer. I am hoping to spend no more than 45 minutes on any page…a timer is a newly added piece of equipment to much scrapping repertoire.

I feel like I’m going against my religion here, but we’ll see how book 1 goes and see if this nonsense will set my heart at ease. Stay tuned for posts of mega-scrap weekend.

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Apparently people like Oprah and Free Scrapbooks…

…cause it was by far the most DEMANDED post I’ve ever posted.  And while Oprah’s little deal she offered has now expired (although I am all in favor of 700 free things to be free for scrapbooking, cause I think we’d all be in a happy place with free scrapbooking stuff…oh and a week and a half of vacation to create) I thought I’d post a few of my creations that are totally Oprah worthy


Or whatever. But since the weather is cold and snowy and the sidewalk is covered in ice…I’m going to take myself back to some nice vacations (since I don’t have kids, most of my scrapbooks evolve around my trips).

Exhibit A-  Our trip out West on the Harley, not once but 2 summers to Sturgis.  The first year was just a tease. The next summer we extended our trip by another week and another 1000 miles 🙂  I also have issues.  I need to organize my albums in chronological order, or in themes.  Oops, OCD but ONLY with scrapbooking.  Sometimes I make myself want to puke over how ridiculous I can get.  Either way you will also notice my need to include MANY picture into 2 page layouts

btw…I do all my pages as 2 pages layouts, it’s to the point that I ALWAYS buy 2 pieces of a piece of paper I like so I can make sure I can coordinate the papers…before I even know what I’m going to do with them…

Here is a really crappy picture of a layout with 16 pictures (Needles’ Highway) of our trip out west on the Harley (aka “the Mistress”)


Staying on that theme of our trip out West, here’s a few more layouts.  Please keep in mind, I suck at taking pictures of layouts apparently, so some them you will see one layout with pieces of the other page creeping into the picture; some pictures are a bit blurry so I try to refrain from triggering a headache for you whenever possible.


A little more detailed picture of the previous layout posted above

There was a little bit of this….


 A lot of this…(I apologize for any near porn that may have snuck into this layout posting).



Okay …let’s go to someplace more festive. 
Exhibit B… How about New Year’s in New York City

2008-026 Miss you Megs 🙂


As you can see there is some work that needs to be done on that trip yet.

Exhibit C: I thinking a nice beach location would be nice right about now.  I bring you North Carolina






Why don’t we wrap this post up with some of the amazing little details at Duke University.


Thankfully we’ve added a rider onto our homeowners insurance to cover the costs of my scrapbooking paraphernalia in the event of a fire!  My creativity supplies are currently sprawled amidst 3 rooms…gotta run I might be able to squeeze in a layout before bed!

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I think I figured out what to do with my life.

I think I will stay in Wisconsin.  I want to work with kids again.  That’s it….those are 2 pretty big decisions considering the spontaneous decisions I’ve been willing to make lately.

Today I feel okay with the thought of “Settling Down.”  But I get to decide what that means for me.  So today settling down  means I got all my Christmas cards out before Christmas, it means I want to buy an old house in a nice neighborhood and not spend my life savings next paycheck straight to the mortgage company, or to rent.  It means I really want to adopt a dog. It means I want a house with a garage that Brent can put all his stuff in so I can have the rest of the house for my many talents (including shoe shopping and scrapbooking).  It means we can have more than one bathroom so I don’t interrupt his morning routine!

Yes, friends…I think I am settling down in my own variation.  My mind is at ease today.  I’ll let you know tomorrow if it works out for another day.

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My ten things…or more

I’m thankful that I have an awesome family, that we are “normal” in our own form of the definition. 

I’m thankful that I have 3 pretty cool brothers that allow me to hang out with them; for sister-in-laws that are even cooler and that don’t talk about hunting or fishing at every family get together….and 3 ridiculously cute, fun, and joyful nieces! I’m the luckiest aunt EVER!

I’m thankful that I have  fiancee that allows me to make a mess, and he helps me clean up sometimes.  And for waking up early in the morning, cause you do that SO much better than I EVER will!

I am thankful for my 2 strong legs that take me lots of places, and for deciding to return to running marathons around the country….and that the rest of my body continues to allow that to happen.

 I’m thankful that I continue to meet new people and make new Friends….that my best friends still want to see me and spend time together although our geographical distance continues to grow.

I’m thankful that I have a friend named Jon, who planted a seed in my head, and it keeps growing! I’ve allowed myself to give it light and water it from time to time….and it’s growing.  Maybe I can have a garden some day.

I’m thankful that I got to spend so many wonderful amazing years with my grandma Lange. I’m pretty lucky to have such a wise, hip woman as my gramma….and I’m glad she and grandpa continue to look out for me 🙂

I’m thankful that my ability continue to search and explore all of the terrifying things out there…like text messaging, and blogging.  Also that my mind and eyes, explore new things to do and new places to see….but more importantly in 2007 that I see and do things in a different light than in years past.  I’ve embraced forgiveness, and explored possibilities and seeing people for who they are as loving, often times lonely individuals.

I’m thankful that my car is still alive and kicking, that Brent and I have merged households and are peacefully living together with disappearing storage, and a Harley.

I’m thankful for Wisconsin cheese, and tasting Ghiradelli ice cream while exploring the site of San Fran with new friends. For the mysterious Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups that show up on my desk on random mornings.  For mouthwatering meals, and the times that I can have chips for dinner, and it’s satisfying.

I’m thankful for camera’s and photos…for capturing the best and worst of times.  And then telling the story through scrapbooks.

I’m thankful that I found my “happy List” that I made years ago and that seeing it made me so happy.  For reliving the creation of that list and smiling at all the random things that continue to make me happy.

I’m thankful for big cities and country woods, for seeing the oceans on both the east coast and west, for bridges that gratify me and birds that make me cringe.  For all the beautiful things that I have yet to see, but look forward to seeing in the coming months, years, decades, as long as my body and mind will allow me to do so!

I’m thankful for the Internet, and for really great bridal bargains that make wedding planning so much more budget friendly and gratifying for people like me who are always looking for the best deal.

I’m thankful for books, and appreciating the stories, wisdom, and experiences they share with all who read them.  That when I read them I see a little piece of myself in the character and they allow me to go on the adventure with them.  For Barnes and Noble being open late and that they have comfy chairs, and I’m a member of the discount club.

I’m thankful that my mom is my best friend!

I’m thankful that my fiancee encourages me to wear cute shoes.  That he is okay with me wearing heals that make me taller than he is.

I’m thankful that I’ve learned to appreciate being a girl and continue to embrace womanhood. 

I’m thankful that I have girlfriends, that we can talk for hours, and catch up after months and years of not keeping in touch.

I’m thankful that I get lots of really great hugs, and I can share my beautiful smile at least once per day (but usually more).  That I can laugh often, and hard!

I’m thankful that I have a really cozy bed to oversleep in, and big cushy couch and chair that suck my body in for hours on dreary days when I want to rest.

I’m thankful for  the ability to be a kid, to play, to dance, to be 4, to enjoy all the little things in life that many people pass by on a daily basis.

Happy THANKS-giving

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What a weekend

So I was all excited to start of my weekend at Archiver’s a scrapbooker’s heaven.  I signed up several weeks ago to just immerse myself into a sea of creativeness and hopefully be somewhat productive in the end.  I was all pumped to pull out some of my favorite beach pictures in North Carolina.  What I didn’t realize was that was the start of a scrapbooking frenzy of a weekend.

In case you haven’t met me, I’m a bit addicted to this whole scrapbooking business.  To me, my scrapbooks are my babies, let’s say this….  if there were a fire in my house, I would risk my life to save my scrapbooks, pictures and some of my favorite supplies and tools.  I think Brent and I figured I have several thousands of dollars invested in this “hobby” (obsession, whatever you wish to call it.) But then I quickly reminded Brent that his hobby is a Harley’s (pretty sure he’s got a few  grand on me, more like 10-20 grand….) so the way I see it, I have a long ways to go to catch up to him.

Needless to say, when I came home on Friday, I couldn’t sleep.  I had an idea for my next layout.  I quickly hauled in my 5 bins of stuff and reorganized myself all over the dining room table, sprawling onto the breakfast bar, and creeping into the living room.  I spend HOURS on my pages.  They are works of art to me.  Of course, after going to bed at 3 AM, I still woke up at 8 AM with another idea of what I could scrap. 

Saturday I had planned a craft shopping excursion with mom and cousins.  Which was exciting too, but I had pages to scrap.  I decided to hunker down and get an idea planned in the measly hour that I had before I needed to get ready.  While I was pumped about the the whole craft shopping experience, I didn’t realize it would send me in a whole new world of creative geniousness.  I came home and was ready to rearrange the living room, to redecorate the house, to start pumping out homemade Christmas ornaments, even review the plethora of wedding decorations that I have compiled and see how they would all look together.  With all these distractions, I finally decided I needed to focus my creative juices into one spectacular masterpiece….what more than scrapbooking. 

I of course opted to skip church yesterday to scrap.  Brent cleaned out the garage, while I scrapped.  I never even showered until 5 PM that how amazing the whole experience was.  Mmmm…heaven sent!

So is it bad that I’m ready to go home sick today, from my lack of sleep and improper nutrition that has sent me on a frenzy of needing to be healed by meticulous scrapbooking layouts and pure bliss!?!?!?  I think I feel a migraine coming…


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