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Too Excited to Sleep: Becoming Mom

While I’m perfectly aware that I’ll need every possible moment of sleep, the clock reads 4 AM and I’m already anticipating all the little details of what the next several hours, days, weeks, months and years will bring.  Diesel was curled up in front of me as I painfully tried to find  sleep in through one more relentless night fighting the ever-growing number of pillows which require perfect placement in order to support my many protruding pregnancy positions of sleep- none of which are comfortable.  The husband resided to the guest room for the night to try to claim one night of uninterrupted sleep (Note to guests: now that we have a new Mattress and Box spring he’s finding that bed more appealing, hope you do too).  As I reflect on what this past nine months (who am I kidding) 10.5 months has been like, I recognize there are some things I will miss and others that I am completely ready to be rid of.

When I began this journey, the thought of being an incubator for a living being was such an honor.  While the symptoms to accompany this process have been less than desireable, there is nothing that can replace this experience.  Being the incubator, I can feel the flutters and sudden jerks of movement before anyone else could feel or witness them.  I can sense the sudden urge of pressure bearing down on other bodily organs and the ripe emotions that come with no warning.  I have relished the opportunity to eat 27 times a day, with encouragement from others.  While I am ready to experience real food and a glass of wine again, I also acknowledge my role in developing this embryo from a little egg plastered to the side of my uterus to a fully developed baby. A baby with a heart rate ranging from 120-130 on most occasions.  A baby that keeps manipulating my body with random movements and adding to my ever-growing figure.  And yes a baby who has determined that no one will decide when he/she is ready to come out.  A baby that has kept us guessing and questioning all the decisions parenthood brings- What gender will it be?  What will we name our child?  Will our child sleep through the night?  How will breastfeeding go?  How are we, as parents, going to respond if our child does _____ (insert example here)?  Will our child play Hockey or be a Figure skater (Winter Olympics have an influence this time of year)? Either way things turn out, pregnancy has prepared me for a life of patience- especially these last few weeks.  Recognizing that no matter how much I want something to happen I can not always influence the outcome.  I can hope and pray that my child will be guided in the proper direction, but I can not be there every step of the way to make decisions for my child.  And so as I approach these next few hours, I recognize that while we are embarking on one of the most exciting and enjoyable rides of our life, we also will experience pain, anxiety and all the uncertainties that parenthood brings.

With all that said, pregnancy has also been a little pain (in the lower back mostly).  Beginning in the first 6 weeks, I was plagued with a multitude of undesirable symptoms- morning sickness and the constant nausea, unrelentless heartburn and loss of appetite, fatigue and migraine headaches, the very uncommon pregnancy itch, and sleepless nights.  Going a full 42 weeks, I can honestly say I have lived up to the expression, “put a fork in me, I’m done!”  or as my niece might suggest I am one ripe fruit that’s beginning to rot.  Either way, this baby has outgrown its welcome in there.  So as you can imagine, there are so many things I am ready to kick to the curb and be done with.  The wonderful symptoms above are just the beginning.  I can not wait to go for a run again, and get off the swollen little stumps attached to my hips- like a real sweat producing run, where it’s just me beating the pavement with the cool spring air (oops, I just drooled a little bit).  I can’t wait to put on non-stretchy clothes that don’t require several creative layers to adjust to my variable temperature or the robust belly which likes to sneak a peek to the outside world occasionally.  I’m really hoping the cottage cheese in my thighs, calves and ankles melts as I’m really not so much a fan of the curdled stuff to begin with!  Beyond the physical traits of pregnancy, I am so ready to eat a normal meal and not be concerned with the magnitude of heartburn I’ll need to prepare for.  Or to sit down and have an amazing BOTTLE of wine- yep bottle.  Or to be able to tie my shoes, or better yet to be able to put on my shoes and socks without having to contort into a position designed for an elderly person with aching joints (that’s not meant to insult any elderly person, just and observation).  Or how about to LAY ON MY STOMACH, or even my back- completely flat on the floor.  Oh, or having to swing my leg, or rock front and back to get out of the over-sized couch and chair in our living room.  That alone will bring back so much self-confidence! Oh and the noises that come from this pregnant lady…OMG- You’d think my dad just let out a rip-roaring fart that would shake the house..but nope, just me and my swollen sausage feet.  I’m totally blaming that on baby’s need to acquire all the internal space that the organs are now fighting.  I’m really hoping that disintegrates with the passing of the placenta.

All and all this has been a wonderful adventure and I am so thankful for the amazing support system I have been surrounded with.  From the ladies at work listening to my complaints, to our families.  Our parents- even brothers and sisters, nieces and friends have been calling awaiting the excitement.  It has been so fun and I am grateful for the experience.  But I could not end this post without a special acknowledgement to my husband.  He has labored every step of the way from accommodating my cravings to relieving the pain in my back at all hours of the night.  While we have experienced a little role reversal in this relationship the last few months- I could not have gotten through the ups and downs without him by my side.  I hope I can say the same next week  😉



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Update on the bump!

I’m currently 18 weeks Pregnant…baby is apparently getting fat this week.  I’ll be able to SEE my baby for the first time in next week. Warning: If I inadvertently refer to baby as he, it’s because I think IT sounds tacky.  I’ll go into detail on this later!

Highlights this week:  Baby is still alive and ON THE MOVE.  This past weekend, baby and I spent a weekend morning lying on the couch with the big brother Diesel.  I initially thought it was just a big gas bubble gurgling it’s way through my inner parts, but things move up toward my chest.  At any rate, Diesel took a liking to the baby and decided to play.  Baby and Diesel had a fun little game of Fetch and hide and Seek going for a while.  Diesel would bring over a toy to my belly and set it right where baby was moving around, and wait patiently for mom to throw it.  Each time he brought it back to my belly, set it down and waited patiently!

Symptoms: While most of the puking has resided (although not entirely), it’s been replaced by another pesky symptom which has decided to creating a raging fire in my throat.  Quite honestly this has been going for weeks and the only relief I am finding is to eat ice and drink cold water. We have decided that since heartburn is a symptom of baby having lots of hair- we should plan on getting “Shaggy” a hair cut during his first week of life.

Difficulty: I am definitely showing! My little bump was certainly noticed by my inability to bend down to put my shoes on without baby getting in the way.  This week the bumb evn surpassed the boobs, which are HUGE…I am officially a D cup in case you were curious.  Maternity clothes have not been a forte.  While the majority of me remains a medium, my boobs are definitely needing a large top.  The maternity pants saga continues.

Cravings:  I feel I’m living the diet of a 3-year-old picky eater.  I am currently surviving on String Cheese, Total Cereal, Cream of Wheat, Wild Rice and Mac N Cheese, and Mashed Potatoes…No carbs there!.  Strangely many healthy foods taste very sour or bitter!  I’m still gulping milk straight from the gallon although water is truly my beverage of choice these days.

Repulsed by: My sniffer is still overly strong. Smells knock me into a state of nausea. I am still not able to clean up after the dog without a puking episode.

Questions of the Week Month: “Are you going to find out the gender?”  “Do you have names picked out?”
Gender: To each my answer is “no” for the record, which surprisingly everyone is so pleased yet surprised.  Apparently that is very unlike new parents of my generation.  While it’s partially due to the fact that we want to keep it a surprise, it’s also due to my unwillingness to change the nursery based on the gender of our child.  We already have the walls painted as I like them, I want the furniture to have dark wood with everything else to remain neutral.  We also intend to have more kids int he future so I don’t want to get EVERYTHING based on the gender of this child when the next child may not be a fan of pink or blue.  With that said, it’s easier for me to call baby a “he” over an “it.”
Names:  I think this is a personal question.  We have lots of names picked out- none that we agree on completely.  In order to satisfy people’s need to know I have decided Fred & Wilma would be great names.  If you would like to share your ideas that’s great…we are compiling a list of names that we like for both genders.  I should note having both my husband and I being teachers it’s hard to choose names that don’t remind us of many of our students- which can skew things.  When baby is born we will decide which name we both mutually agree upon that fits the looks of our child.  You may not like the names I pick it out, but it’s harder to be repulse when you have an amazingly beautiful baby in your arms…and you may or may not tell me your opinion after seeing the child.

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Pop goes the little weasel..er peach!

“Where are the bump pictures?”

Several of you have asked,  which I have neglected to share with you for several reasons.  The first picture I took at 10 weeks made it look like I had  a humongous tire hanging around my waist and was seriously unflattering no matter how beautiful the life inside me may be. I vowed from then on not to have a picture taken until an actual bump appeared. I have also been warned by medical professionals that because I am so tall, I likely will not show as much as the average pregnant woman even in the final weeks I may look unusually small…thus this bump takes time for me.  Secondly it wasn’t my intention to turn this blog into a mommy fest of insane pregnancy stories.  But you asked so I’ll respond to your wishes.

Beyond being pregnant life has taken me by storm the last few weeks.  Work has been about as charming as an orthopedic shoe.  I’m still trying to update from my travel adventure and I haven’t even had a chance to share about my red-neck pool party experience. But alas, baby is still with us. 

On Monday I had an appointment, and was told by Doc in my previous appointment that we may be able to hear the heartbeat.  All the pregnancy rules and recommendations have pretty much gone by the wayside.  While the craving for an alcoholic beverage has been tempting I have completely refrained, OJ and Cranberry is my new “drink.” While I don’t tend to have any strong cravings I still rely heavily on milk and have given myself permission to drink it straight out of the gallon jug- against my mothers wishes that is.  I still am repulsed by several things and in the event that you may have just eaten I’ll refrain from sharing details.  The only system that is new is some fabulous heart burn…I honestly thought I was having a heart attack the first time the pesky little guy showed up with his little horns and devil tail and parked himself in my chest for about, oh I don’t know, 3 days!

On Sunday I spent the day seriously cleaning the house, something I haven’t done in about a year, and ran across a few of the publications I received from various people.  I easily got distracted (as if it’s so hard to do when you are cleaning) and updated myself on really what’s happening in this pregnancy.  The moral of the story is baby is about the size of peach.  Oddly, the husband had recently picked up a few peaches for his lunch which provided the perfect opportuntity for this:

Here I am 14 weeks-2days.  Weight gained at this point is 6 lbs. Normal clothes are uncomforatble and maternity clothes are short and saggy on me at this point- fashion is not my forte lately. With that I’ll close with an excerpt from my mental journal and fun little doctor experience.

Dear baby,
On Monday, August 17th at 1:30 I enterred my appointment…suprisingly on time.  I was called back and the nurse asked if I wanted to use the restroom…I thought she was implying she needed another “specimen” so I asked just to make sure.  No, apparently my eyes just looked a little yellow or something.  Into the exam room, weight check (see above) and little check in from the nurse before doctor walked in. Again a little check in time and then we listened for a heart beat.  He squirted some funky gel on my belly and turned the speaker on to his baby-momma stethascope.  He right away was able to hear my heart in the background, moved things around a little bit and then said “there it is, can you hear it?” I paused to listen, and a moment of silence deafened the room.  As I tuned in to listen intently a huge gurgle from my belly came screaching across the speakers. All I could do was break out in a loud gut-wrenching laugh. Doc was successful at finding your little heartbeat again but I had completely lost my focus.  I think this may be a sign of things to come.  I’ll be able to see you  soon (5 more weeks until the ultrasound).  I think we’ll let you suprise us in Feburary rather than plan.  You’ll learn mom doesn’t plan very much for anything- so don’t take it personally. 😉

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Confessions from a crazy pregnant woman!

If you haven’t made the assumption by the title I’ll be a little more blunt, the title is referring to ME! Prego, Ragu…eating for two (or vomiting for eight depends on how you look at it)!

From my quick observations these are the first 3  things I hear, beginning with Congratulations:

1. “When are you due?”
Answer: Valentine’s Day (2/14 for those who don’t celebrate it)
2. “How are you feeling?”
Pregnant…in other words, the regularly scheduled nausea could stop anytime, and while you think that might be the main reason for me to run to the bathroom every half hour you might be slightly mistaken since I also seem to pee every hour too.  Some have suggested I’m “glowing” I would suggest that it’s the excessive oil that has decided to take over my face, or maybe you have glowing confused with exhausted…I don’t know, just saying is all.

3. How far along are you? I find this funny, cause what they really mean is “you don’t look pregnant”  but you seem a bit chubby so this is the polite way of figuring out when you started putting on the weight!
My polite response: 7 weeks

The husband and I secretly decided to start trying after words of wisdom suggested this process can take a while…they lied!  I guess what those wise folks didn’t realize was we’ve had plenty of practice…oops did I just say that out loud.  I actually had most people convinced that I was against getting PREGO until after summer, cause I’m a fan of a few alcoholic beverages while soaking in the sun, or wherever.

Apparently some woman somewhere was praying for bigger boobs, and mysteriously I ended up with them in the past few weeks.  If the baby is only the size of pea, how come my boobs are the size of watermelons?  That just doesn’t seem right! And my husband being the supportive and caring man he is read his chapter in the What to Expect When Your Expecting Book and realized it’s perfectly safe to play with them as long as he acts first…
insert “Awww” followed by me running one more time to the bathroom then searching frantically for cinnamon gum…

One topic that continue to baffle me is the Daily Dozen Diet I’m supposed to be on.  (3 proteins, 4 Calciums, 4 Vitamin C’s, 3 Leafy Greens or Yellow Veg., Some Fish oily stuff, 5 or more Whole Wheats, a few healthy fats…) and yet only take in an additional 500 calories a day.  Who in Jesus’ name eats that much food in one day?  I’ll confess, I eat a lot of food now, and I’m no where NEAR this.  I’m good with the calcium…Milk does a body good (and I’m from Wisconsin) other than that I’m f***ed…no pun intended!

Being the artsy (now more fartsy than artsy…it goes with the pregnancy) person I am I thought right away of thing I should be documenting for the scrapbook.  I looked online for ideas.  Some people saved the stick they pissed on….I found that a little odd.  No one has perfect aim on those babies, so it’s pretty much like playing around in the toilet after you pee…gross!  Others had regular “Bump pictures” to track the baby’s growth…I thought this was neat, so I tried it and realized I’m not a 100lb cute pregnant woman with a little belly starting to stick out.  Mine looked more like a tire…again BAD IDEA! 

Either way, since this blog is about enjoying life so I thought I’d conclude with  the positives in life…We’re having a baby! We are thrilled, my nieces are already hoping for a boy, they have names picked out and everything; Our parents and siblings are already showing up with maternity clothes and baby gear; others are planning baby showers and other are already rethinking vacation plans in February. I’m sure there will be more posts to keep you in the loop!


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