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Oh, I forgot

Dear Life,

I was awakened from a deep slumber at 1 AM by my daughter’s cry and mumbling of something troubling her.  I walked into her room, rubbed her back as I stated soothingly “Shh, it’s okay Mae.  Mommy’s here, it was just a dream.” In true EllaMae fashion still in a confused slumbering state, she wittingly replied “oh, I forgot” and peacefully fell back to sleep.

As I returned to my bed chuckling I thought about how often I have forgotten what life is really like.  This blog is one stunning example of that.  The vision of this blog and several other of my endeavors has been with the best intentions to document life…notice a few gaps.  My son is 5 and my daughter is 3, and baby 3 is on the way.  You know what I forgot about? When I was up every 2-3 hours a night to feed the kids.  How my son would beg for me to sleep with him throughout the night or lay with him until he fell asleep (he still appreciates it when I do). How my daughter would sing herself silly trying to avoid sleeping (still does) and we would come down into the living room and dance to Christina Perri playlist on pandora with all the lights off in the house. How I would often crawl into bed with my kids so they could calm me and help me relax on a night when sleep wasn’t on my side.  Or, how before I had children I was up often at 2 AM with trouble sleeping and I would then get creative and do a project only to be interrupted at 7 AM with the need to go to work…you know my real job.  I forgot how after the kids went to bed I would take to the computer in obligation to create my next post, plan my next social media strategy or edit a batch of clients proofs.  These all seem like fleeting memories now.  

Perhaps it’s me avoiding the guilt, or perhaps it’s simply a feeling of content.  I fall asleep each night with relatively low level of anxiety, I often have the luxury to put both of my children to bed, then come back hours later kiss their cheeks, watch them sleep, and encourage them to “dream big.” While I may stink at documenting and sharing our life stories of the past few years, it’s moments like tonight when I remember how much I really do enjoy life.

When I rolled over at 2:30 AM, still unable to fall back to sleep, I decided to crawl into my daughters single bed attempting to snuggle her along with her 3 pillows, 4 cozy blankets (these are all separate blankets she requires, not the actual bedding) Willy the orca, Diego the seal, and my daughter flailed out across the bed.  As I crawled under the covers the baseball from spring break vacation found it’s way into my thigh and I pressed my 25 week pregnant body into a sliver of available space.  (Are you getting this visual- sounds relaxing doesn’t it?) I rubbed her head streaking the hair away from her face and watched in admiration of this beautiful girl sleeping peacefully.  I placed my arm around her chest snuggling her in close.  I could feel her heart beating in her chest and the rhythm of her breathing slowly calm me.  She rolled from her side to her back and placed both hands behind her head.  I remembered both of my littles as babies would sleep with their hands behind their head.  I always appreciated that and recalled someone saying “that’s a sign they are content.” I always followed it up by saying “this is the life?!”

Thank you EllaMae, for reminding me at 1 AM that we have a pretty sweet life.  I sometimes forget those little things.

Mom 🙂


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The Caleb Times: He comes in Peace

I have officially decided to create a category for all future Caleb posts:  The Caleb Times. Hope you don’t mind hearing Caleb’s “old news” (this post will be on week 7, he’s now 10 weeks). It usually takes me a few weeks to read the newspaper anyways!

Starting at 6 weeks I went back to work 2 days, at 7 weeks I worked up to 3 days of work…I’m holding 3 days in week 8. At 9 weeks I’ll be working 4 days per week until 12 weeks, inevitably 1-2 days a week end up being 10-12 hour days, which allows me to take some of that time back on a different day.  Thankfully I love my job and have some flexibility, so the adjustment has been better than I expected. I’ll admit I have SERIOUSLY thought about switching to part-time, since work has thrown me for a loop and the last thing I want to do is sit down at a computer and update my blog.  I digress…

Caleb has been a Mr. Busybody since about 5 weeks.  His hands are usually exploring the world around him. While I totally adore his curiosity, it makes feeding time a bit more difficult.  He has learned to put his hands up to brace “the bottle” on occasion, however usually it’s more to grab a necklace, wiggle his way out of a blanket, or to catch the handle of his Nuk and send it across the room.

Recently he’s learned to flash the Peace Sign

And while his hands found his mouth starting at birth, he now spends countless hours chewing on his fingers.  It’s not uncommon (I know double negative-so it is common) for him to have both hands in his mouth, or for him to extend his fingers while in his mouth and gag himself.  The facial expression are quite hilarious.  You’d think that unpleasant experience would render a change of action, but he’ll do it repeatedly within a half hour time setting.  Here’s an attempt at a 2 handed mouthful….

We have also noticed the amount and complexity of his expressions have changed.  He’s beginning to mimic our actions, facial expression, and respond to inflections in our voice.  He’ll hear my voice and watch me as I walk around he house.

For the first time I decided to bring Caleb to bed with me in the morning after a 5 AM feeding.  Brent and I were pretty persistent of having him sleep in his own bed each night in his own room, which with my responsive gallops is literally 2 giant steps from our bed.  I am usually a heavy sleeper, but I can hear his every coo while sleeping.  One night, Brent, Caleb and Diesel were all snoring on just a different pitch and you would’ve thought they were conspiring against me.  Strangely I find the little man snores relaxing.  While the wake up calls have been very seldom all along (He’ll maybe wake up once a night since about 2-3 weeks), when they do happen I cherish them.  I love sitting in the dark with just he and I in complete silence, bonding together without distractions from the outside world.  However going back to work put a kink in our morning routine, thus for the first time I decided to bring Caleb to bed with me in the morning after a 5 AM feeding for some added co-sleeping time.  Bed time has also been designated as cuddle time with Diesel, so going to bed and wake up times we usually allow our 4-legged child in bed with us.  Once you get all 4 of us in bed, the bed gets pretty small. (Please don’t judge me and my 5 AM appearance)

Towards the ends of his 7th week of life we added a new adventure to his life list.  We packed up the car with Caleb and Diesel in tow to make the 5-hour trek to meet the rest of the family and have one more baby shower. Diesel has yet to make a long ride with a car seat invading HIS backseat…that’s a separate post entirely.   Either way, the kids did really well.  A few more stops were required for feeding and exercise, but we did it!  Brent’s parents retired last fall and initially down-sized, but after moving in his mom recognized the little storage space she had.  In January they found “the big house” for sale just a few miles from their retirement home and scored.  So we were living large with a HUGE guest room and king sized bed, Pack-n-play and Dog bed all in one room.  The Western side of the state (family and friends) joined us on Saturday to meet the little man.  Needless to say, there wasn’t a moment that he wasn’t held all day!  Gma O couldn’t get enough of him and I bet is counting the days until Memorial Day when we do our annual camping trip.

Amazing the 5-hour trek back on Sunday went smoother than the way up.  I think everyone was a bit exhausted.  Little man managed to sneak in a few smiles between naps.

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My sleeping beauty

I am holding onto all the faith I have that my sweet Caleb will not find Dr. Hyde and conspire against me after writing this post.  I have been spoiled with sleep.  Since last week Wednesday (with a little hiccup on Sunday night) Caleb has been one little sleeping beauty.  Now that we are into a routine we go down at 11 PM for bed.  If he doesn’t stir by 2:30 AM I usually wake him up for fear of explosion on my part and feed.  Then he gets up with Brent around 6 AM- Brent gets some daddy time in the morning and then hands him off to me around 6:30 again to feed.  You can do the math- I am getting 6 hours of sleep per night.  On top of that, he LOVES his crib- which means I am back sleeping in my own bed!

Of course this post wouldn’t be complete without some eye candy, so after 2 weeks- here are his many faces of sleep!

Dream big little man!


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The Heaven’s parted and the Angels sang!

As a parent to a puppy you learn to appreciate the little things.  Like GETTING TO SLEEP IN!  The fiance’s alarm reared it’s evil head at 5:30 in the AM as always, which abruptly woke up the dog.  In which case requires letting the dog out of the kennel to prevent agonizing whimpering, getting him downstairs, out the kitchen door and off the porch all before he “releases” himself.  (I have no idea why dog trainer’s refer to peeing as releasing, shouldn’t it be relieving himself?)

Either way, we stay outside for a little bit.  The routine is that he hears the food hitting the dish and he is now AWAKE.  Except today, as he ate I laid in the living room assuming he’d be ready to play.  Instead he made his way back upstairs. He made himself home one of the several pillow shams that always end up on the floor, and never seem to make it back onto the bed.

Sweetness, with a capital S.  He’s chilling out.  The fiance was already in the shower, so thus I crawled back into bed.  Little Diesel let me sleep until 6:15 AM and didn’t attempt to jump up on the bed or bit my nose to wake me up.

It was G-L-O-R-I-O-U-S.  I feel refreshed with a hop in my step and one less pot of caffeine ravaging through my veins. 

I should note he also has mastered giving high fives, and sitting on command.  We are getting closer every day with “lay down.” He always seems to think it means “attack thy hand!”

I promise by friday I’ll download the 346 pictures we’ve taken of him in 5 weeks and share a few 🙂

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