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Counting the Days

In 2 days I will not be at work for a whole 10 days.  I still can’t wrap my head around the fact there are precisely 6 LARGE projects on my to-do list at work that need to be finished by tomorrow.  And since that just seems unbearable, I digress…

In 2 days I will be chop full of all the Chex Mix I can handle, because it’s already almost gone, and it is the perfect meal come breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack.  I don’t know why I always wait to make until the holidays.

In 2 days, I will COMPLETELY stop thinking and complaining about all the work I need to get done before leaving, cause I’m down right sick of thinking of that.  By the way, life is to short to complain….so I’m done with that now!

 In 2 days, I will be so excited to have a break from Physical Therapy.  I love the fact that I have put off 14 year injury until now.  What can I say, I thought it was cool to have Multi-Directional Instability until now.  Have I mentioned I just began my first session last Friday?

In 2 days, I will freakishly be obsessing about how pretty to wrap all the gifts, because of course I’m buying my last gift tonight.  And what a better way to kick off the holidays than wait until Christmas eve to wrap gifts, and cook, and sing in church, and host the cocktail social with my family at our house…

However in 3 days:
It’s Christmas!  You’ll have to visit me in again soon to find out what exhilarating tradition my family has…where it’s ALL ABOUT THE ADULTS! (don’t worry it’s completely clean).

But then in 4 days, we’ll be taking our SECOND HONEYMOON! 
(stop judging me… we just got Married in October and if I want to call it a honeymoon, I will!  I might as well milk it for all it’s worth!) 

We are getting up at the butt-crack of dawn to make the trek out East so that we can…
(that’s Brent)

(This is me! except I’m a bit less masculine looking.)

We will be here:
Okemo Ski resort in Ludlow VT.

On these slopes 2600′ up in the air, with this view

(Photo by: Gary)

Seriously, look at the branches on the trees!
(Photo by: HS)

In Days 4-7 will include large amounts of snow,  snot dripping down my face, the warmth of a chalet, ankles concreted into a forward leaning position, several  layers of socks, hanging out with my BEST FRIEND EVER…which creates a whole new list,

but that will be extended on days 7-9 here: (I’ll give you a hint: I brought in the new year here in 2007, with Megan once again)
New York City.

Yes, sirree bob…We’ll carry in the start of 2009 with 6 million others in the city.   Although from prior experience, I will not be on the streets of times square, without alcohol for 12 hours so that I can watch a ball the size of a pin head fall while we all count backwards from 10.  Instead I will be enjoying the happy, social atmosphere with all you can eat, and all you can drink evening at a trendy bar…the kind I can dance at if I want and don’t have to worry about the occasional fresh 21-yr-old boy deciding to grind…ew…so gross.  Perhaps my ages is starting to show here, but I’d much rather showcase my marvelous dance moves with the luxury of my friends and go frolicking back to my seat beside my beloved husband ( he’s not so much into the dancing scene like I am).

Only to awake the next morning, pack up the ship and may our way back to the beloved home, where our “baby” will be awaiting us after hanging out with his new friend the dog-sitter!

Dreamy, isn’t it!  I know your jealous of my prestigous tropical vacation…Did I mention Vermont is one of the FEW states I haven’t been to?Happy Christmas to me, and Brent of course as this is our gift to eachother. 

But until then, I’ll just keep trudging along, shoveling 2 feet of snow, freezing my petunia’s off wishing for temperatures above Zero degrees.  PS- Mother Nature:  I’d prefer temps above 20 and how about no wind. If you could work on that..that’d be great.


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I didn’t realize I could be a magician too!

The disappearing act of my blog posts is completely the fault of my job.  While I completely understand it is the end of year, I didn’t understand the complexity of 4,000 page reports..notice plural.  Each one asking completely different things.  So as I result I have spent many waking hours poking myself in the eye with a fork…it’s that much fun! 

You can only imagine my excitement to give myself a break today and rescue my sanity on the 59 unread messages in my google reader.  It’s those little things that make me all warm and fuzzy on the inside!  As  you might gather if you follow any of my blogrolls like I do.. it snowed by heaps and mounds yesterday.  The husband was kindly notified at 5:32 AM that he could sleep in, and instead he woke up and made French Toast and began removing the North pole from our driveway with a shovel.  We are dedicated to our health and well-being so we prefer the exercise (cough).  Or maybe we are just too damn stubborn to fork out money for something that we don’t really want to buy. 

But all this snow removal and poking myself in the eye with a fork has left little to no time for my essential well-being.  I NEED to decorate for the holidays.  We came home on Sunday after heading back to the husbands home town in hopes to meet with our wedding photographer- however, last Thursday we were notified that his back injury is crazy bad (Gotta love my vocabulary)  and it’s prohibited him from sitting at the computer.  A huge let down for this newly wed..holy crap I just realized that today is our  2 month anniversary…shitballs, well congrats to us!

What was I saying…oh yes, when we returned home on Sunday I attempted to jump on the decorating-for-Christmas-bandwagon, only after stopping at my parents to get the results of St. Nick filling my stocking.  I love that St. Nick never realized that I’m over 18, and have moved out years ago….ignorance is bliss.  While the holiday spirit snatched my attention, it only worked for about 2.76 hours. This resulted  in boxes of unpacked Christmas decorations spewed throughout the house, our furniture rearranged to allow for the proper space for a Christmas tree, the revival of last year’s winter wonderland table (a crafty inspiration of sorts) and consuming a pot of coffee mixed with Bailey’s.  And unfortunately Monday brought work as usual.  Hence today…after being sequestered to my office computer and tortured by end of year reports (of which 1 is finished- 3 more to go) I am feeling that I DESERVE a day of vacation to frolic in my holiday creative wonderfulness…yes, I’m really that great.  Maybe I should practice my disappearing act at work- hehe.  I want a FULL Day, unfortunately by the looks of things, I’m screwed. 

Did I mention today is the husband’s birthday so following work we are picking out his birthday gift (ooh…there is exciting news that will have to wait for a new post), tomorrow will entail a baking fiesta to make dishes and wrap gifts for Xmas #2 on Friday, and Christmas #3 on Saturday, only to wake up early and preform in the church music Sunday (which also requires me to fit in a few rehearsal times before then).   Oh yes, and how about putting up our chrsitams decorations before Christams eve…and all while spending ridiculous hours getting MY WORK at my REAL JOB done so they don’t cut me out of the budget for next year!  Details.

Dammit, I need a life.  Thankfully I chose not to get a part time jobover the holiday season thanks to my better judgement (also know as my husband)!

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Oops…finding motivation to run in the cold!

I’d like to thank the angel that suddenly decided to drop some motivation right square into my lap 🙂  I have found something that has been missing and I’m so appreciative. 

Since Monday, I have gotten back on a schedule of rising and shining at 4:40 IN THE AM…which in itself is a feat!  However, not only did I get up…I met up with my girls again for our once regularily 5:05 AM 3-mile jaunt of a run. :::Insert huge grin here:::: 

Oh the fun pre-wedding, pre-honeymoon, perfect running weather bliss days…well this week has been a bit different, but still so amazingly spectacular.

On Monday I was by my lonesome feeling all sad and lonely, however by Monday night I had convince the girls it was time to get back to our regularly scheduled program.  We created a game plan and by Wednesday morning we were back in action with 5″ of snow.  Yes my friends, it was so amazingly wonderful having the snow ridden streets filled with bright and shining little crystals. The occasional car that drove passed kind of pissed us off since we were running clear in the middle of the street and avoiding traffic meant hitting a nice little snowbank, but worthwhile none the less.  The entire course went by so fast, I was overcome with my childlike tendencies and desperately wanted to just fall back first into the fresh little fluffy stuff and make snow angels, but my partners in crime were less than thrilled about the idea.  So I trudged along without the snow angels.

I learned a few things in this wintery little journey:

A.  Running shoes are not the best paraphernalia for running in snow.  In fact those little valley areas in the heel….snow likes to pack in there nice and tight.  I had one giant snowball accumulating under my feet with each step.  It literally was the closest thing I hope I ever experience  to running in high heels. 

B. Snowy days are much warmer than we anticipate.  I was dressed perfectly in my latest cold gear Under Armor pants and spandex shorts to keep my bum warm. In addition to my new Nike cold gear shirt***and Nike dry-fit jacket.  I was PERFECT, but my homies were dowsed in sweat.

*** (THEE best gear I have ever warn in the cold…the fleece feeling interior keeps you all warm and fuzzy while the outer shell does all the technical absorption-drawing sweat-wicking-phenomenon.  It was form fitting , but not so much that all looser skin was suctioned to opposite sides of the fabric either.  Seriously you should buy 7!)

Oh yes, back to the point- I figured since I was so perfectly snuggled in my amazing gear, that it would be just as perfect the next day.  I neglected to take note of the temperature before beginning the trek on Thursday.  Hmm, somewhere between my friends driveway and the end of the first block I knew I was in for a real stifling treat ,of cold fucking air!  I’m not sure if I decided I didn’t like running in the cold by block 2 when my face and fingers went numb immediately followed by a burning sensation, or if was stopping at block six so Chris could unfreeze her eyelashes.  Unlike I she was wearing a scarf over her mouth so she could breathe, the moisture from her breathe exhaling into her scarf was freezing.  Literally I looked at her and thought we were in Antarctica.  Her eyelashes, front of her hat, top of her scarf and hair on either side of her face were covered WHITE in frost.

It wasn’t until I was pulling into my driveway, after the run, that the radio announcd a windchill of -14 degrees.  I walked into the house to see 4 degrees glaring at me on the thermometer. Note to self- check the temp before heading out for a nice little jaunt in the cold.

C.  There is a limited supply of hot water in the house.  It took many attempts at snuggling in various locations, 2 showers and 1 scorching hot bath in order to regain feeling and a live-able body temperature. 

D. Apparently pet dogs like the taste of bath water-even with bubbles added.  Hence the 2nd shower to clean my body of dog saliva- which subsequently squelched the hot water dry.

Hope you can all learn from my experience…oops.  Or just not run in the cold, but what fun is that…be adventurous- run in snow/cold!

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We’re having a heat wave!

A tropical heat wave, da da da da da… You know that song.  I remember hearing it in the movie Grumpy Old Men.  I stepped out the do this morning and the once heaps on snow is now a muddy, sloshy mess.  Our driveway, once covered in a layer of plastered snow, then ice, is back to the boring old black top with puddles abound. 

I’m a fan of snow.  The few things I like about spring include: My birthday, the beginning of life again, and the notion that soon it will be summer.  So in my head, it seems like it’s Spring right now, except there is this one thing that keeps bringing me down…It’s only January.  Normally we only get winter weather in Jan and Feb.  I must say the “white” holidays was nice, but I’m not ready for the snow to leave just yet.  I haven’t even been skiing yet?!?!?

Not that I want sub-frigid temps like last week (with wind chill reaching a -20 degree mark), but I also am not ready for puddle jumping in January!

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