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Think Spring- details

Wisconsin Winter, I am done with you.  I decided to redo my decor in hopes of Spring, which brought  12″ of sleet, snow, rain, ice wind, and thunderstorm mix.  Apparently my Spring fever was warm enough to keep away the winter fairies…. I digress.

I posted about my Spring Buffet, but neglected to share the details – how to’s, awesome finds and spontaneous ideas. I don’t have a mantle (Yet, although the basement is almost finished 🙂 so the buffet is my next best option.
Disclaimer: I’m horrible at capturing pictures during the process.  I always think about it during the clean up.  One of my many flaws!

To start I snatched the striped Fabric remnant from JoAnn’s remnant bin.  All remnants were 50% off the original price, plus an additional 40% off… $6.20. Little spendy for decorating a buffet, but I have future plans for this.

On the Left

The Ball Jars, Craf, and Grapevine wreath are staples in my decor toolbox.  I’ve had them for a while and seem to just shift where and how they displayed throughout the year. The silk lilies and Gerber daisies I pulled from my stash of things I forgot about.  The yellow flower (no clue what it’s called) was rescued from a bouquet of flower the husband got me for my birthday.

The Peacock feathers I picked up last summer at JoAnn’s in the 75% clearance section (less than $3.) The mini bird-cage was a Michael’s find ($1). The green and silver picks I’ve had, found last year at a local crafty store (Windsong).  The brown vase holding the feathers, picks, and lilies was a Christmas gift- although I think it was bought from either Michael’s or Gordman’s.  The little bird was $1. at a local craft store (White Barn).

The eggs I made from plastic eggs I swiped last year after Easter (.30 for a package of 20).  This would be the point that I again am hitting myself for not taking pictures.  All I did was paint them different spring colors.   I don’t have the exact colors because I just kept mixing paints until I got the shades I desired.  I started by covering them all with a white spray paint primer (Rustoleum)- not an easy task. I didn’t bother gluing the eggs together because it’s not that important to me if they fall apart.  Never know the Easter Bunny might use them in future years?!?!?  After the primer was dry I created 4 different pastel shades of acrylic paint (Yellow, blue, orangish-tan, and pink).  After they were dry I mixed some brown acrylic paint with a little bit of water in a bowl.  Gather all of the eggs in one spot.  I dipped my brush in the bowl of watered down brown paint.  Then holding my brush over the eggs I flicked the bristles to splatter the paint onto the eggs.  Note: This is not a tidy process, newspaper covering the counter might be helpful. Make sure to roll the eggs over so you get more than one spot of splatter on the eggs.  The beauty is it doesn’t have to be perfect!  I know that wasn’t a A+ tutorial, but hopefully you get the jist.  Here’s a link to a similar process, but with pictures (She used textured spray paint).

Moving onto the right side  (my favorite side)

The jar, as stated above is a decorating staple in my house, likely thanks to my mom or friends who used to can food.  The flowers in the jar are real and trying to survive from my husbands sweetness on my birthday.  The little blue bowl was screaming my name at a garage sale last summer for 50 cents.  I have been waiting this long to showcase her 🙂  The bird was $1. from local crafty store (White Barn) and the eggs we’ve already discussed.

One sleepless night last year,  I got the strange I idea to start picking up cute birdhouses to decorate with and use grapevine and pussy willows to fill in (that will be another post some day).  The white pedestal bird house was a $7. clearance find at a local craft store (White Barn) and the dark green feather are mini-feather rings (2) from JoAnn’s 75% clearance section ($1.97 for both)

Lastly the “Enjoy Life” phrase is Scrabble letters are from the game we own.  I change out the saying throughout the seasons.  And the floral picture above the buffet is one my aunt gave me when she was cleaning out her clutter.  I had hopes of doing something with the frame, but so far she’s a good filler.

Total money spent on this decor: $22.97 Little more than I like to spend, but still under my $25 budget.


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Buds & Blossoms

Believe it or not, we are finally getting weather that is a bit like Spring.  There hasn’t been snow in the forecast for almost a month now. We’ve even had a few hours of 80 degrees…followed by 3 days of rain.  The grass is green, and in need of regularly scheduled mowing.

So I guess it’s time I post on my lovely little Easter arrangement.  It’s very unlike me to not overly exaggerate each and every holiday by completely changing the decor in our house.  However for Easter this was all I had.  Wait for it…Brace yourself…


Call me Martha!  I should note this fun set of apothecary jars was the thoughtful birthday gift from my loving husband.  Good taste huh!  Please don’t tell him that I never even touched the “Easter bin of decor” which insists of having it’s own pink bin and special place in storage.  I just haven’t had the time to waste engross myself with my indoor decor, especially when the weather actually warrants painting my toe nails!  So, I may have been eager to jump the gun on that one, but it has been nice, and I’ve spent as much time outdoors as possible.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s budding up around our house!






There are leaves, n’ flowers, the evolution from bud-needle-delivery to needles-on-branches-growth-and-development experience, and LILACS…did you see the lilacs with infant little buds giving birth to precious blossoms.  It’s here, the horrid months of winter are over, and there will now be sun and rain and lots of pollinating going on! (that just made me chuckle….pollinating!)

Happy sneezing 🙂

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We’re having a heat wave!

A tropical heat wave, da da da da da… You know that song.  I remember hearing it in the movie Grumpy Old Men.  I stepped out the do this morning and the once heaps on snow is now a muddy, sloshy mess.  Our driveway, once covered in a layer of plastered snow, then ice, is back to the boring old black top with puddles abound. 

I’m a fan of snow.  The few things I like about spring include: My birthday, the beginning of life again, and the notion that soon it will be summer.  So in my head, it seems like it’s Spring right now, except there is this one thing that keeps bringing me down…It’s only January.  Normally we only get winter weather in Jan and Feb.  I must say the “white” holidays was nice, but I’m not ready for the snow to leave just yet.  I haven’t even been skiing yet?!?!?

Not that I want sub-frigid temps like last week (with wind chill reaching a -20 degree mark), but I also am not ready for puddle jumping in January!

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