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What are all these people doing in my bath tub?!

I’m working backwards a bit to catch up on some summer posts.  In mid-June some extended family came into town.  The heat and humidity made the conditions ideal for a little trip to the beach.  Caleb LOVES to play in his bathtub, to the point that there is very little water left in the tub when we are done.  So we thought he’d really eat up swimming.  While he wasn’t opposed to it, he couldn’t take his eyes off everyone else around him long enough to realize he was getting wet.  If you can’t figure out who my 4-month-old little man is, he is the one that resembles a white reflector! All someone needed to say was “baby is in the water” and the flock of cousins came swimming over!


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Rationalizing our new toy, er necessity!

I had been doing my research for a long time.  Looking up reviews, reading consumer reports, trying to find the exact qualities I was looking for at a price which wouldn’t require a second mortgage.  On Sunday (July 26th) the husband and I were putting together our packing list for our bike trip we were leaving on the next day to North Carolina (which we have been back a week now), and decided we needed a high quality camera NOW (as in DSLR).  With baby on the way and me becoming a self-proclaimed photographer, it was time we invest in something GOOD! Amazing, within in hour we were at the store, Canon Rebel EOS XSi in tow with our newly beloved EFS 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS telephoto lens in hand, and nearly $1,000 poorer.

We headed to my Aunt & Uncle’s new outdoor in-ground pool that could qualify as a resort, for a get together with the family. What’s a girl with a new camera to do…but take some fabulous pictures.  Simply put, we are satisfied!  Here is the evidence…
Brooke, Kenna & PaytBlake approachBlake approach 2IMG_0413





Good times!

There’ll be many more posts with pictures to follow 🙂 Here we come North Carolina!

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Nail biting, heart pounding and abrupt burst of cheering and jumping in my living room.

Precisely the reason I’ve been away.  I need to spend every waking minute (and even those that I should be sleeping) educating myself on the proceedings at the Olympics. Quite literally I come home at night and feel the need to turn them on immediately and at least listen to what is happening. 

I’ve never been so obsessed with watching sports on TV.  But these aren’t tlike professional sports with a bunch of over-paid arrogant jerks who cheat on their wives and do drugs on the side.  These seem to be real people.  So let’s just take a look for a bit. 

1.  Michael Phelps- I think we might be long lost friends.  Want to hang out.  I seriously took up swimming since watching him.  I witnessed every semi-final and race in which he competed.  I was never fond of his ears, but he just seems so down to earth…Love it, and Tall.  Being a tall woman that’s always fun to see.  I heard he has to wear his little swim pants so low, because they don’t make them long enough to fit him like a normal person.  I’ve been there…and the Tall Girl stores just don’t cut it!  

I must say that the whole US Men’s Swimming team seems pretty cool.  Many have contributed to Mike’s success…you rock too.  Hey guys…

 See what I mean they look like fun! Hell Ya!
Did you also know he was diagnosed with ADHD and that his mom (who was an elementary principal) found that he was able to control himself better after swimming, so she took him off all meds- go mom!  Clearly he’s able to focus there.  Now that he’s been offered a ga-jillion and a half dollars for making history, I hope he stays so down to earth and chill like with the media. He’s has that little (Large and Buff) kind of token Golden Boy look.
PS: Michael, will you please share your playlist, I’m in need of some new I’m-going-to-kick-you-ass-songs-and-then-be-all-humble-songs. Love the goggle tan lines.
 and I really like you’re back and arms. mmm…. yummy!

Cough, Okay moving onto
2.  And while I fully realize that number 2 is not an American, he should be.  The Usain “Lightning” Bolt dude from Jamaica.  I have to hand it to Jamaica though, they know how to be chill and have a good time. But to be chill and become the world’s fasted man while easily jogging across the finish line, Crazy!  I aspire to be like you.  When I run, my itty-bitty-shitty-committee in my head makes it all into some mind monopoly.  I LOVE watching him run, and his pre-race focus sessions, hahaha…maybe dance sessions seem more appropriate.  I bet it really pisses all those serious people off! 

pre-race warmup!

pre-race warmup!


Jogging across the finish line 10M in front of the competition!

Jogging across the finish line 10M in front of the competition!

Setting a World record...that's fast!

Setting a World record...that

All done with his shoe untied

All done with his shoe untied

And then to turn around and do it again in the 200…new World record an all! 

3.  When I was 4 years old I remember watching Kim Zimeskle, a gymnast in the Olympics.  I wanted to be like her.  And there was the once in a lifetime landing on 1-foot in the vault to make history in the 2000 Atlanta Olympics by Carrie Strug.  Hard to believe I never became an Olympic gymnast so now I continue to revel in the insane-ness.  I should mention while I always won the most flexible award- bending in any arrangement need…I was never coordinated enough to do a cartwheel- even to this day I can’t.  So these  chicks rock in my world. 

At first I rooted for all of them in the all around…because they rock, but also because I think China i a bunch of cheater (more on that later). But seriously…

Nastia Lukin taking the gold in the all around and 4 more silvers!

Nastia Lukin taking the gold in the all around and 4 more silvers!Her one foot landing stunt is insane on teh beam!

And how can you not root for little smiley Shawn…

Winning gold on the final event- the 4" Balance beam

Winning gold on the final event...

A 4" wide balance beam!

...the 4 inch wide balance beamBut my heart goes out to this girl, Alicia Sacramore, who just had a rough day in the team competition only to be SCREWED by the judges in the vaulting competition. heartbreaking- I cried a little here.

 Not to mention that China stole 10 and 12 year old girls who are clearly light and more flexible to cheat their way through the Olympics.  I love this picture: Nastia Lukin accepting the silver medal, but you can see her thinking to herself.  At least my 20 year old body doesn’t have to cheat to win.  Yeah, I’d like her take a tire iron to them for what the judges did to my friend Alicia.

Meanwhile I love that on the men’s side they took everyone by storm

And this sassy little kid ends up coming through with a steller high bar performance- way to add some more craziness to your routine to medal, Mr. Jonathon Horton

4.  Enought of the pictures, but Misty May and Keri Walsh- I had a volleyball match the other night and I swear I played better just watching them, ridiculous.  However, I was slighty curious how white swimsuits were going to hold up in the rain  last night.  Question: why does the women beach volleyball players wear skimpy swimsuits and the Men wear a tanktop and short.  Seems silly…but either way you rock so wear whatever you  want- I’m sure the men viewer ratings are up too. 

5.  I’ve passed on boxing, fencing, and perhaps weightlifting. 

Once I actually get my ass off the couch after almost 3 weeks of watching the Olympics I’ll totoally be inspired to get playing and working out again.  I’m already having dreams about it! Still to come the women’s heptathalon (MY EVENT!) and many more field events in the Bird’s Nest.


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