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Revealing our wedding pics

Okay, I’m STILL waiting in anticipation for the day I can have ALL pcitures from ALL people in my inbox, but in the mean time a few more “candids” were shared.  I’m sure once the photographers come I’ll be drooling puddles, based off the slideshow they put together of our day at the reception…mm…can we say magical. 

But onward ho:


I don’t know where I got this idea from, but when I was explaining what I wanted to do to my dad…he mentioned he had a few barn boards laying around (leave it to dad to have those!)  To keep it simple with the outdoor feel I passed on all offers to have some letters cut out and instead opted to just free hand the painting.  The Milk jug has been the stool we sat on to talk on the phone at my parents for years, and a few folliage from Michael’s- Viola!


Same concept different design.

The Ceremony took place in my parents back yard, so we rented a tent in the event of cruel and unusual punishment–bad weather.  It ended up being helpful to shade the guest from the intense sun that day.brent-happily-awaits


I love my mom’s expression here, and seeing the guys in the back round..


When we announced our wedding to my parent’s- well my dad already told my mom that Brent asked permission…either way it sparked an opportunity for my mom to get the porch she’s been waiting for.  Brent, being the handy man he is, with the help of a few others, whipped up this lovely entrance for me and all the girls. 



Struggling to find a good focal point in the yard, I had Brent construct an arbor which can be reused in our back yard.  I pulled together some grapevine, a few dried hydrangeas (spray painted gold glitter), added some fall foliage garland and a few other randoms…and I was able to create a swag to pull together the much needed missing element.


My flower girls are 2 of my nieces who I feel like are my own children.  We have a pretty close relationship.  I found their dresses on ebay for $25.  I had some left over swatch fabric from the bridesmaid dresses that I had considered making into a sash for them, but in the end it was one of the things that I let go of.  They were so excited to be a part of the wedding, and in fact wanted to pose for every picture.  Someone caught them in their innocence.



Meanwhile, my youngest niece danced in the corner



Not knowing what the weather might be like, I opted not to have a unity candle.  In my mind if the candle blew out it would be a bad omen or something, so instead we opted for a “natural” aspect of a sand ceremony.  The 2 side vases with the sand were cheapies from Wal-mart, and the pedastal and “Love” vase were from Hobby Lobby.  Our pastor had a neat message with this to the fact that much like the sand we poured into one vase would never be seperated again, much like the unity of our marriage, blended to create something new and more beautiful than before. 


I convinced my brother to sing, and while he didn’t want to be in the front of everyone singing, we made a concession he could stand outside the tent.  One of my cousins snatched this picture through the window of the tent.  He sang “The Wedding Song, There is Love” by Peter Paul & Mary.  It was the same song sung during my parents wedding 35 years ago.


Following the sand ceremony while my brother was still singing, we ventured to give each of our parents a hug.  Finished up the ceremony with the kiss and the announcement of the new Mr. & Mrs. Brent and I headed back into the house while the wedding party and ushers lined everyone up outside the house.


We did not do a formal receiving line, instead an alley was created for us to walk down as our guests blew bubbles into the air.  Once we reached the end of the alley we had an informal reception and champagne toast before the family and wedding party began pictures. 





At this point the photographer got up on the roof to get a picture of everyone toasting…hence the ladder in the back.  I don’t have the pic yet to share with you! (it’s coming)



Our only Grandparent left… This is a pretty special picture for me, I’m glad someone snapped it, even better…

…getting marriage advice from the “old Man” himself 🙂

Then a few traditional family photos…


There, do you feel like you were there?

(Photos displayed were taken by Karen Laedtke, Beth Van de Loo, Amy Foster, Rich Jun, and Diane Moser)



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Must Love Boys…and camouflage

I gave Brent the option of deciding 3 things HE wanted for the wedding.  This one topped the list.  Once he found out I was okay with it and actually like the idea, it somewhat consumed how we planned the wedding.  As you can see, he decided the guys would wear camouflage tuxes. 

I just thought I’d share a few fun pics of the guys at our wedding sporting their lovely camouflage.  I wanted things to be more comfortable and casual so I didn’t have many pictures of them with their jackets on…plus it was 80 degrees that day. (pretty lucky for October)

(Note the ladder in the back was for our photographer who needed to be on the roof to get a shot of EVERYONE at the ceremony raising their champagne glasses…gotta love a photographer who adds some adventure to his duties!)

I’m quite certain this was the guys (and few girls) singing “Family Tradition” toward the later hours of the evening!

PS the other 2 things he choose (after I suggested them) were for me to have deer antlers in my bouquet and Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake.

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The process of acquiring Bridal Hair

Disclaimer: I have extremely thin, fine hair so I must confess this isn’t all mine.  I bought clip in extensions that made my hair appear long and luxurious…or whatever.

(nevermind my ridiculous facial expression!)

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All the random things I learned to make for our wedding

Clearly, the things I am about to share….highly unlikely to ever utilize these high class skills again.

Let’s start with example number 1: bridal bouquets
Good:  I had ultimate control over what flowers to use.  Contrary to DIY wedding blog, I saved a ton of money by making all of the bouquets using faux silk flowers.  I purchased all of them from Michael’s at various times throughout the year, thus never spending more than 50% for any of them.  I don’t have exact figures but my wedding flower budget was pretty low at $500 (bridal bouquet, 4 bridesmaids, 10 boutonniere’s, and 6 corsages).  I came in well under my budget  with plenty left over for a throw bouquet and a few other decorative flares.  Not to mention, they turned out just like I wanted them too. My aunt worked in a floral shop part time back in the day, so I sought out her expertise.  The ribbon loops and pearl garland really added something unique and elegant although it’s hard to get that feel from seeing them here.

Bad:  Time-wiring flowers was not a task I had taken into consideration.  I was able to finish all the bouquets several months before the wedding (another bonus of faux silk flowers) but wiring and taping stems isn’t exactly my idea of a fabulous evening. 

All things considered, I wouldn’t change a thing.  I saved a ton of money and I loved the color and how they fit into the rest of the wedding scheme.  You might notice I was able to incorporate the deer antlers into my bouquet like I wanted (despite all the florists telling me I couldn’t..ha ha suckers)

Example 2: Jewelry

Having an idea of what you want in mind, and NOT being able to find it anywhere, might be the most frustrating thing ever.  Or finding something that could work only to spend $50 per piece, plus shipping.  Sorry folk, not this bride.  So I made the bridesmaids jewelry-matching necklace and bracelet with coordinating earrings, as well as 3 cute little bracelets for my nieces (flower girls).

Good: Huge savings.  The jewelry for my b-maids was $15 for each set of necklace, bracelet, and earrings.  The 3 little bracelets were around $5 to make.

Bad: It took some trial and error on the flower girl bracelets.  I initially wanted them to be stretchy bracelets so the girls could put them on and take them off by themseslves.  I did end up loving how they turned out! If the bracelets were stretchy, they would likely have been MIA with my nieces if they had control to put it on & off.

(note: the pic of the b-maid jewelry set also show the rest of their gift, and I also through in a pic of how I wrapped them- practical! The “Willow Tree” figurine was the personal touch I added reflective of a memory I shared with each .)

Example 3: Gifts for our Mother’s.

While I am totally invested in scrapbooking, I knew I didn’t have the time or patience to pull off a scrapbook for both of our mom’s.  I did want something similiar that could express the emotions, and share the pictures.  Thanks to Julia from My Life in Transition and her new business I was inspired to create a blurb book.  I only have pics of the one I made for Brent’s mom, because at the point in time when I took the pics I was still fretting why my mom’s hadn’t arrived yet. 

Good: Prefect personal touch for not a ton of money.  It was ablet to say the things I wanted to say and knew I would have a hard time doing that come wedding day.  Seeing how I have easily spent hundreds on one completed scrapbook, I felt the approx. $30 was a great deal, not to mentin the time I saved.  It was a gift they will alway cherish. 

Bad: I’d like to say I have mad digital photo editting skills, but I’d be lying.  I also felt a bit constricted by the layouts they offered.  In the end I said my piece to the perfectionist who rarely rears her head and moved on.  Time was also crucial.  Making sure to allow for all the time to scan in some pics, organize and arrange the layouts, what I wanted it to say…tedious details.

Example 4: Kids Activity book

I decided I wanted to have something for my nieces, and other younger kids, while the adults we eating and chatting, and all that downtime…hard to believe there was any, although not everyone had the 3 page itinerary I had.

Good: The variety of activities…there was a little something for everyone!  The parents and other guests enjoyed them just as much, if not more.  Since the kid’s acitivy table was situated in the back corner I was afraid no one would see it, so I also put together gift bags for any child under the age of 10 that would be at the dinner.  Each bag had some fun stuff, but also a note on the outside of the bag that encouraged them to check out the kids activity table.  The center piece for the kids table was a bunch of home-made pinwheels(scroll to the bottom of the post) in a large vase filled with pinto beans.  In addition, there were mini play-doh (thank’s to non-candy trick or treat items available this time of year) and a few ring pops available for play on the kid’s activity table.

Bad: I don’t think there was a bad side to this.  It was pretty simple, and I may have broke a few laws doing this, but I essentially found coloring and activity pages that were relative to a wedding, copied and pasted the images into a word document.  Created a header with: Heidi & Brent’s Wedding Activity Book and the footer had our date on each page.

I don’t know that I will ever use these intense skills for any other random events, but just in case I have a few more things added to my arsenal. 

If anyone wants to know more info, let me know…I’d gladly share my new found mad skills with you!


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75 days and counting

According to the knots wedding checklist I have a few things left to do in the next 75 days.  Here are the items for this month or those that are overdue.  (This isn’t the complete list of 184 items remaining)

! Contact newspapers to announce your engagement (you may need to have an engagement photo taken as well).
! Book reception band or DJ, sign the contract, and send a deposit.
! If you plan to use frequent flyer miles to travel to your honeymoon destination, book your flight now.
! Make sure your maid of honor and best man are aware of what you expect of them — providing a list of their duties will help.
! Start planning the rehearsal dinner. Provide the host with contact information for your attendants and any other guests.
! Finalize menu and service details with caterer.
! Research and purchase wedding insurance, if necessary.
! Start thinking about flower arrangement styles you like, and figure out what flowers will be in season on your wedding day.
! Compile packages for out-of-town guests with hotel reservation and city information, and mail them out.
! Book your honeymoon flights (if not using frequent flyer miles) and make all your other travel reservations.
! Pick out or design a ketubah or other marriage contract required by your religion.
! Brides: Experiment with your beauty routine, self-tanners, and facials.
! Get anything you need for an international honeymoon (passport, birth certificate, visas, vaccinations, etc.).
! Talk to people you’d want to do special performances or readings as part of the ceremony.
! Start addressing invitations or drop them off with the calligrapher (you’ll need to send them out at the two-month mark).
! Start taking better care of yourself (eat right, exercise) so you look and feel great on your wedding day.
! Arrange for all insurance policies to include you and your future spouse: health, auto, homeowner’s, and life insurance.
  Send out invitations (be sure to add extra postage for overseas guests).
  Arrange parking for the reception.
  Begin working on vows, particularly if you’re writing your own.
  Confirm reservations for out-of-town guests.
  Begin writing the ceremony program if you are having one.
  As you receive presents, be sure to update and/or add items to your registry list and record the gifts you get.
Knot Hint: Enter gifts and who sent them into your guest list manager for easy access.
  Arrange for a babysitter for the reception, if necessary.
  Research local marriage license requirements.
  Submit your wedding announcement to newspapers (if you so desire).

Maybe I should note that several of these remain on the list because they are not 100% complete.  My invitations are however.  I’ll post the pic tomorrow, if you’re lucky! 100% homemade.  It’s all starting to seem real.  The shower and Bachlorette party is this weekend.  So I apologize in advance for my lack of posts as I am hosting 13 people at my house on Friday night.

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Oh, the Places we could go?!

Hello World…I just returned to my blog after a month of survival mode (moving, puppy, new job)…but I found this post and a few others awaiting my approval from several months ago lost in my DRAFTS.  More to come 🙂

I figured it was time to check in, just for an update as to the daydreams I’m having today. 

Amidst packing the apartment for the big move into the new house next week, wrapping up things at the old job, making all the required arrangements for the new job, and non-stop meetings with the Realtor, insurance companies, mortgage companies, etc…. pause…

I’ve been asked several times today how the wedding plans are coming.  
“Fine,” I shruggishly reply.  You do realize that it is still 5 months away and my mind is completely consumed with all the elements stated above (not to mention the fact I agreed to scrub the shower and make a home cooked meal for dinner tonight).

“What are the honeymoon plans?”

::Sigh:: the idea of a vacation is makes me drool a puddle of saliva right into my lap.

But since you asked, the orignal plan was to take up the offer that we “won” an all-inclusive trip to Costa Rica.  Off Course by all inclusive we mean that we still need to cover airfar to and from the location, and any attractions we will most definitaly taking part in outside the resort would still need to be coverred by your’s truly (me).  And while this looks comepletely tantalizing

Cosata Rica can’t be justified in the measly 4 days that the fiance gets to be away from work (Gotta love teachers). 

So, we might have to savor the idea of Costa Rica, all-inclusive luxurious vacation for a time when there is enough time to be luxurious and all inclusive.




Well, if Costa Rica isn’t the plan (which I might add, I may or may not have completely slacked off on getting passport application materials situated in a timely manner), then Where oh Where shall we go?

Originally I was thinking this:

 Sin City- Exciting, plenty to do, lavish yet can be budget friendly.  What could be better than Vegas? Well considerring we have both been a few times, maybe something to be somewhat more romantic, mysterious, adventurous yet relaxing might be the ticket we are looking for. 

Hmm.  Back to the bible of bridal planning book Bridal Bargains. Which notes ways to save money in the process of planning a wedding, and subsequently a honeymoon.  Much to my suprise I realize that September and October is Off Season for Wine Country…can we say Romantic and warm Napa Valley, with friends close in San Francisco that we could possibly have a bit of everything we desired?!?!

 I let you know in a few months where we truly end up?!?!?

Don’t you love the suspense I leave you in 😉

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I do! I do not?

Did you ever see Shrek 1, where the princess sends the donkey into the woods to find a blue flower with red thorns.  The donkey feverishly looks around “blue flower, red thorns, blu flower red thorns…man this would be so much easier if I wasn’t color blind.” That’s how I feel lately.

I’m engaged, but taking a break from wedding planning.  I keep hearing these horror stories of what men become when they get married…and I’m beginning to think, what am I setting myself up for. 

 Brent is an amazing guy, which in my experiences with men…he’s right up there next to god, minus all those magical powers.  But in all seriousness (which i will take my best attempt to be serious for the rest of this paragraph), he’s a pretty patient guy…and I am one of the MOST stubborn woman in the United States.  I’m also very indedpendent, and he doesn’t need to be with me all the time, which is nice cause I can breathe on my own, (except when I’m having an asthma attack).   He’s even open to travelling with me, extra credit for that! And for many other reasons that I’m not going to get into here he really is the man I should want to marry and spend the rest of my life with.

However, this time of year, something happens to every man in my immediate family and those in close contact.  They all go pretty much NUTS.  See it’s deer hunting, and my family likes to hunt, and that’s cool I can handle that.  However, it’s a little over the top.  My brothers and Brent have spent the last nine months preparing for this weekend, and now, they can’t even think about the aspects of daily living.  I’m pretty sure all personal hygiene hits the wayside this weekend.  They must breath in too much of that buck scent or something cause they are one card short of a full deck.  They have spent all this time planning for this weekend, yet they forget a few of the major details…like eating! I asked what they were doing for food, and I don’t know I think they are planning to eat grass.  When I offered to make a pot of chili, they were so excited…makes me wonder what they would have done if I didn’t make food. 

But here’s the part that worries me most.  Brent is talking about hunting the other night and says (no lie)

well I figure, since I’m marrying you I better buy a gun.”

and continues on with his hunting talk.  WOAH, back the hunting train up.  Should I ask why he needs a gun because he’s marrying me? At this point I’m feeling a little bit scared to be riding alone with him in the car, in the dark.  Is he planning to kill me?  Is he buying a gun for my protection? I’m not seeing the correlation to hunting. 

So I mention this odd comment to my brother, who responds with…

“Yeah he should.  Heidi that gun that he was looking at is such a good deal, and it’s a good gun.”

Does anybody else think tis is strange?  These men are crazy.  I’m getting slighlty concerned that there just might be shotguns going off at our wedding, you know since Brent is married to me I guess he needs a gun.  So can you see my fear in getting married now.  It’s not just the run of the mill wedding.  Brent wants to buy a gun, because we are getting married. 

Therefore, I do want to get married, but I do NOT want to get shot!

Note: since this conversation I did determine that Brent figured since we were getting married he would be hunting around here more.  He needs a special gun to hunt here and he doesn’t have one, therefore he needs to buy one.  He missed that middle step when explaining this concept the first time….details!

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