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& baby makes 4!

On Thursday April 12, 2012 we awoke knowing that this would be no ordinary day.  My husband and I had dropped off our son at my parents the night before, so the eerie quiet that filled the house was setting the stage for something that will rarely ever happen in our house again (unless no one is home).  I woke up on the couch with our first-child (aka Diesel the 100lb Weimaraner) in my lap.  He was fully aware something was about to change, hence the snuggle fest.

At 40 weeks and 5 days, I was scheduled to be induced.

I was to arrive at the hospital for check in at 7:30 AM.  The hospital had remodeled since I delivered my little man.  This would be the room where I would be getting comfortable until she decided to make her entrance, then we would move to a different room for recovery.  Turns out my doctor had 3 others being induced that day…guess no one was in favor of a Friday the 13th baby 🙂

At 9 AM we started the Pitocin, and waited.  Having been induced with my first child I knew we were in for a few hours of waiting while the contractions got stronger.  We were prepared this time.  We contacted friends and family to see what time everyone thought our daughter would be born, I hunkered down to a crossword puzzle or two, and the husband tried to read Hunger Games to pass the time (but I kept interrupting him to chat).  Shortly after noon, the doctor came in to break my water, hoping to speed things up a bit.  At that point I was formally committed to having the baby and was measuring 3 CM.

While contractions were still tolerable, I knew that my body responded much better after the epidural last time, so I went ahead with it at 3 PM.  At that point I was dilated to 5 CM (halfway there). A sigh of relief. We settled in and turned on the Brewer’s vs. Cubs game and waited (Cubs won).  While the epidural was extremely helpful in getting my body relax, there was a small “window” where the epidural didn’t take.  Meaning while a majority of pain was gone, there was a small spot on my left side where I felt everything.  In that spot, the epidural had taken the edge off, but the pain was quickly growing extremely strong.

At 4:45 PM we still were passing time by texting family with updates and checking out Facebook.  When the nurse (Maureen) came to check on me I shared the growing discomfort on my side. I had already pushed the button to up the meds with no relief.  At that point she checked me and exclaimed, “You’re going to have this baby within an hour.” I was in transitional phase.  She prepped everything to prepare for doctor and baby.  I did one practice push, and was quickly halted, “Okay, no more pushing.  This baby is going to arrive within the next 15 minutes.” The nurse  called my doctor (who is incredibly laid back doctor) and told him he needed to come immediately.  My doctor asked “do I have time to get caught up on some work?” to which she replied, “No, you need to come now, she’ll be done in 1-2 contractions.”  Doctor arrived just in time to gown up and get his gloves on.  I patiently breathed through 3 contractions while the doctor prepped.  1 push- head was out, 2nd push- shoulders were out.  At 5:07 PM we welcomed EllaMae Sandra to the world.

I was very excited to have a friend capture the precious moments immediately after she was born, as both my husband and I were busy and caught up in the moment with the birth of our new daughter (I’ll share those soon).  Being that I wasn’t sick this time, I was able to enjoy skin-to-skin time with our little girl.  She was eager to look around and check things out.  Within 5 minutes she had found her fist, and managed to put her thumb in her mouth.  The nurse came in and was shocked…”Get that thumb out, let’s get a boob in her mouth!” And she hasn’t stopped eating since! After a little snack on her part, there was a nursing shift change (good-bye Maureen; Hello Emily) and both were fabulous to work with!  EllaMae was officially weighed in at 7 lbs 15 oz (just 7 oz. heavier than her brother) and 19.5 inches long (1 inch shorter than brother).  I will say her feet and fingers are SO long!  Literally her foot is slightly shorter than her entire calf, and just longer than my middle finger.

As you can see, she is very fond of her daddy.  I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Around 7 PM my little man arrived with my parents.  While he had been prepped and excited, saying “mommy,” “baby” the entire drive to the hospital, the sight on mommy in the bed and our photographer set him into a panic mode.  He was very scared and left the hospital room with my mom.  Thankfully I had a gift and our photographer had a few suckers to coax him in and comfortable enough to sit next to mom for a while.

It wasn’t until his big cousin, Dakota- a familiar friend, came shortly after he arrived that he really became more relaxed and interested in the baby and mom.

Everyone gathered around as EllaMae got her first bath.  She was NOT happy, until she settled into the warm water and heat lamp. (She gets pissed when she’s cold!) And yes she really was this red.  According to my neice Dakota, she was so red “because she must have been in there too long.”

It wasn’t long after bath time that we transitioned to the other room.  The family went ahead as our Nurse (Emily- who was so amazingly sweet) got me prepped for the move.  She wheeled me down the hall in the wheelchair as my husband drove the cart with all our stuff.  When little man saw me in the wheelchair, he was so upset that he threw himself on the floor with a complete meltdown (when he saw the wheelchair in our last room, he thought he was going to ride with mom).  Without skipping a beat, Nurse Emily told him it was his turn for a ride.  She helped him onto my lap and away we went down the hall for a ride.It was just what my little man needed, and when he returned to the room, everyone cheered and we was back on top of his game ready to take on the big brother role.  We nestled into the double bed where big brother held EllaMae.  He must learn a lot from those girls at daycare because he immediately looked at her and started shushing her like mom!

Around 9 PM the extended family left and it was just our time to cozy up to our little one.  After a few hours of shady internet connection, I finally emailed the news and pictures.  Facebook would have to wait until tomorrow.

At 11 PM EllaMae went to the Nursery for the night and dad and I settled in for some much needed sleep.  Brent kept commenting how tired he was, and that he didn’t do anything all day- but that wasn’t exactly true.  He waited on me hand and foot, he was so supportive and comforting throughout the entire process.  The rush of emotions to meet our little daughter was enough to send us into a deep slumber.  And luckily, EllaMae held up her end of the bargain.  She came in to eat every 3 hours to eat, plus a little snuggle time! Welcome to the world Little Miss Mae, have a good night and dream big!



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pull out your beads- it’s a party

Diesel (the neglected son) turned 3 in April.   As you can see he could hardly contain his excitement!

He’s mellowed some, but many days he sulks in the sweet life of complete attention that he USED to have.  You might sense the nagging jealousy that begs your love.  In truth, he is and always will be my first-born.  I love him as a child.  He comforts me when I’m sad and gets giddy with our excitement.  We are blessed to have such a beautiful pet who overflows with an easy-going personality (rare for his breed).  We may have gotten a bit more than we bargained for with his size (Truth be told, Weimaraner are not all a medium-sized dog), he makes up for with his intelligence (super easy to train) and cuddliness (He might weigh 100 lbs, but he still likes to snuggle up on your lap if you let him).

Happy 3rd birthday Diesel. Looking forward to many more 🙂

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Damn Coffee

The cup of absolutely delicious coffee was such a good idea around 6 PM, but right now (12:07 AM) not so much.  I thought I’d post on how I function most of the time- completely random and unrelated sequence of events.

Since the last post was about me, I’ll start with a little on Little Man- it’s been almost a week.  This morning he was up and at ’em around 5:30 AM.  Seeing how the husband is much more of a morning person he tended to his needs while I slept.  I had just cleaned out the 3-6 month clothes and a my husband noticed an outfit in the pile to get packed away.  He could resist putting this outfit on him one more time, and I couldn’t resist one more 6 month photo shoot.  He’s so darn happy when I woke up at 6 it was irresistible.

The outfit actually came with a du-rag and jean jacket with the Harley Patch on in (which is also one the back pocket of the jeans) but the photo shoot really had enough black and orange!  Little Man LOVES the camera…I pull it out he smiles.  On that note, I did something similar on Sunday.  You might notice the excessive drooling, looks like he takes after his father after all! Oops did I just say that out loud…er, type that…you know what I mean 🙂

Of course the second I get the camera out, the photogenic dog wants to take part too.  What can I say, Little Man and Diesel are more like brothers than I originally thought.  Caleb plays with his food instead of eating it, Diesel eats everyone’s food and it’s never a game. Diesel licks Caleb’s face, little man pulls his ears.  They fight over who gets to play with each others toys and who gets mom and dad’s attention first and longest.  But at the end of the day, Diesel is one gentle giant of a big brother who puts up with a lot!

Speaking of Diesel- he’s on a diet.  He gained 7 lbs since April, (which to dogs is like 25 lbs to humans) so he and I are both joining weight watchers.  Not really but we’re both tracking our food intake to make sure we aren’t getting to many treats.  We’ve stocked up on vegetables since they are okay for both of us.

Speaking of that, my new favorite iPod App is My Fitness Pal.  It’s my tool for losing weight and tracking all the particular things that are kind of important in order to lose another 5-7 lbs.  It’s a free app that allows you to type in any food you’ve eaten and it has a library of food to choose from whether homemade or at a specific restaurant.  So for example tonight I had a Cheddarwurst and a salad.  Type those items in and I get a complete nutritional profile of each food item.  To set up the profile I get to enter some information about myself (Age, weight, etc) and my activity level, goal weight and it calculates how many calories I get per day in order to reach my goal weight by my desired date.  It also has a similar function to enter any exercise I do….which should be more seeing how I’m running a half marathon this weekend.  I’ll let you know how that goes.

My husband has received his Master’s, which I’ll take partial credit for since I was the Editor in Chief for his thesis.  I’m currently working on my thesis since I took a break while on maternity leave.  My research study is “adults perceptions on youth technology use and it’s impact on the educational setting.”  I’ll be looking for a few Middle School Parents to participate in a survey, which I’ll post on my blog if you fit the criteria and be so kinds I’d REALLY appreciate it!  Just waiting for the final approval from the IRB board before I can start collecting data!  No stress here 😉  As you can see, my son definitely learns from example, and likely has more computer skills than most of his relatives.

In the event you enjoy watching long distance running (I’d compare it to watch the most exciting paint you’ve ever seen dry on a wall) you are welcome to cheer me on at the Fox Cities Half Marathon on Sunday.  As always, my training has pretty much been non-existent.  But I did manage to get a 5-miler in this week, and a few 2-3 milers in the past 2 weeks so I probably have about 13 miles under my training belt, I’ll be good.  After a 3 year hiatus from running races, I’m pretty pumped and quite shocked that I’ll be running a half just 6-months after the birth of my son.  I know you are dying to come cheer me on- so check out the race details here.

My parents left today for Thailand were they will vacation for the next 15 days.  My dad’s first time headed over the big lake.  We hosted a Thai exchange student so they will be meeting up with her during their stay.  I just realized that they likely won’t have their cell phones on over there, so not talking to my mom for 15 days is going to be really weird.  I did get a call just before they boarded that they got AWESOME seats…for a 12 hour flight, I don’t know if an awesome airplane seat exists.  I just did a search on a few places they are going to see and here’s what I found…

They’ll start in Bangkok to get a taste of the city and meet up with Toon.  I’m curious of their impression. It sounds like you’ll either love it or hate it.  The next few destinations will be more their style

(Bridge over the River Kwai) sound familiar.  It was made famous after a movie documented the bridge being built by POW during WWII who were captured by the Japanese.  It’s also in the lyrics of Billy Joel’s song “we didn’t start the fire

The land of Mai Pen Rai – pronounced “My pin rye”. According to a Thailand travel tips website, You will hear it many times before you get out of Thailand, often when something goes wrong or someone looses their cool. This simple phrase sums up life in Thailand and the attitude there in general. This famous attitude is what allowed them to keep their cool and get back on their feet after the devastating losses of the 2004 Tsunami.  There are lots of different opinions on the direct translation, but it literally means “no worries” or “its nothing“.  Really hoping my parents can bring back a little bit of that attitude and it will rub off on us in America 🙂 The picture is of the Erawon National Park, right up their alley.

On that note, I’m completely in need of a relaxing vacation and going to attempt to go back to bed.  (PS- it’s now 1:34 AM, hoping I’ll convince the coffee that I really am tired before 5 AM)

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365 days later…

We are celebrating Diesel’s 1-year birthday. Not that you haven’t seen enough pictures of him already, but here he is yet again so thrilled to be one that he doesn’t know what to do do with himself.

He has been very helpful in the past year too…like helping dad figure out which wedding pictures we should buy.


Or making sure the pillows stay in their place…he loves to babysit the pillows on the couch!


His underwear eating phenomenon has ceased thankfully, now if we could get him to just stop licking his balls!

Diesel’s reaction: Very Funny mom!

If there is one thing I’ve learned in the past year, is that this is a sign of a tired dog…

..and dogs and children can coexist.

Happy Birthday Diesel!

Love, Mom & Dad

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Offspring talk

Granted we are married now so the talk is at least legitimate, it is not, however, warranted conversation by either Brent nor I.  In fact the 10 + babies born or expected in the next 6 months among our circle of friends is just enough offspring for us to handle.  Plus, I already have a precious little child…are you gasping at my secret…well relax, his name is Diesel and he’s an 84 lb Weimaraner.

However, kritta over at Conversations with Myself, nonchalantly threw out the topic of names…so I’ll post a few.

* Disclaimer: this does not grant permission to poke fun or steal my names for your own personal pleasure.  All rights to the content of this blog post must obtain prior written authorization before use!

What are your names choices for pets and offspring? 

For those of the frolicking 4-legged variety: Diesel (what can I say, I named him), Fred (a common name in our household for any living being), and how about Ella, and Miley for a girl.  I guess these were all targeted at Dogs, and not so much relevant for the occasional snake or rabbit…although Jim Bob might be a good name.

For offspring sporting the Y Chromosome (that would be males for those of you trying to figure it out): JT, Isaac, Lane, and Caleb…although Jim Bob was in the running for a close 5th.

Of the feminine variety: I used to love a few of these names, but their popularity is begging me to think elsewhere.  Kaitlyn (Katie for short), Madelyn (Maddie), Addison (Addi), Audrey (Audi)…can you tell I’m big on shorting names… Lauren, and Helayne.

How about yours? 

Please note the disclaimer posted above is relevant for all who’d like to comment with their names ideas- even if it’s Jim Bob!

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A new trick, shall we say!

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What’s up with bringing trees in the house?

The husband and I FINALLY picked out a Christmas tree the other night.  It came in a box… after near-wedding-calling-off-Christmas-tree-fight last year, we decided to jump on a pretty snazzy deal on a fancy artificial tree…and I have no regrets.

Diesel on the other hand is in a state of complete confusion. He’s still a puppy ( an 84 lb puppy I might add)  and hasn’t experienced Christmas with us yet.  He was sure to help us out in every way he though he could.  He sneakily stole the top of the tree and pranced into the other room joyfully “More sticks to chew on.”  When we put a ca-bash to that then he decided to pitch in and learn from the tree-straightening pro himself…


After that was taken care of, he helped tangle himself in lights put the lights on the tree.  (how can you say no to this face, seriously…I take pictures instead!)


I continued putting lights on the tree as the husband untangled them for me.  We both were pretty consumed in our work.  I was about this far…


…when Dieseldecided to say “piss on it.”  Okay maybe he didn’t say that but  Brent caught him in the act-leg raised all ready to mark his new tree.  Thankfully Brent caught him and bundled up to entertain him outside for a while.  (Notice how nice Brent was doing at his untangling-the-lights-job?!? see bottom left corner).  Needless to say I carried on with the festivities alone, er, if you call belting out to channel 900 (Sounds of the Season) and spending some bonding time with frosty, alone time then, yep I was all over it. (Notice Frosty and the ingredients) The lantern was just there to add the missing pine scent I was yearning for.


I certinaly need the caffiene to power through all my ideas and get this decorating business rolling.  Up to this point my decorating entailed the contents of 4 unpacked “Christmas Decorations” rubbermaid bins, newspapers, boxes of every shape and size thrown strategically throughout every possible counter, table, seating, or window sill space remotely available.  I did muster up the courage to get my “Winter Wonderland” table done the night before…which set the plan for holiday decorations for 2008.  But before we get to the plan, let’s check in with Diesel one last time



He was being SO GOOD that I opted to give him an early Christmas present, unfortunately I didn’t take the time to wrap it first. ( I know this picture is blurry…but look at the size of this rawhide.  This is his second one- he loves them things although they are a little awkward to carry, he runs into doors, walls, drops it in his food dish…did I mention his spatial awareness is a bit off yet!)


Okay back to the plan.  As I mentioned I already had the “Winter Wonderland” table set up in the dining room


and since I have serious issues with themed things…the dining room just became the snowman/Winterroom.  Which translate to anything related to snowmen or winter will end up in the dining room, which became a problem about 7 minutes after I made the plan.  But I was determined.  MOST of my holiday decor was Snowmen and Wintery bliss.  But I really wanted a Pretty tree.  I was envisioning gold and red as the colors.  As I started arranging the ornaments into piles based on the room they would be designated too, I quickly realized that I would be short on filling all the green space on the tree.  I successfully placed all of the ornaments, but it needed more….Light bulbs went on- Wedding decorations.  I snuck back into my stash and found this amazing beaded garland.


I only had small pieces of it so I strategically placed them through the green space on the tree.  I also had picked up some single Poinsettias last year



As you may have gathered I added some funky, glistening, mesh ribbon as well…it really added a lot to the tree.  The placement of red was crucial to the success of my vision for this tree.  I might still get some more plain red ornaments to add to the tree.  I definitely need more for my next project (but you’ll have to come back to see that one).  So here is our tree with a Little wider lens


Wider yet…

As I was putting the final touches on the tree, I caught Diesel with a twinkle in his eye gazing into the tree. 


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