The Photography

Your life story has many little details involved. I like to capture those moments that help tell your story. I am a natural light photographer who specializes in custom photography. What does that mean? It means I will work with anyone to understand what they want, learn their interest and style and craft a session to meet those needs. To me, photography is the art of capturing the story. One of the challenges I think many people face is they only grab the camera on special occasions and miss all the little details of everyday life. These everyday moments, which may seem insignificant, are like little pieces to your life puzzle, or the substance to your story. Likewise with your family, there are quirks and characteristics that mold and shape your personality. All these elements have a special place in your story and I strive to capture them with each session.

My philosophy is to capture people when and where they are most comfortable. Each shoot is unique to your needs. Most infant and children are most comfortable in their own home or familiar place, therefore I COME TO YOU! It takes the hassle out of making a child feel comfortable in an unfamiliar environment (like a studio). I also take the time to observe and get to know your family. Often times they aren’t even aware that they are in front of a camera. I will coach and prep clients leading up to the shoot so you know what to anticipate. I do have a studio if that’s your fancy, the beauty is you decide!

My story involves capturing the little details our life that have told over 5 years of our family story. My little man (also known as little D) and little miss Mae (my daughter) provide ample opportunities for me to capture unique moments that mold our family story. My husband (Mr. D) and dog-child (Mr. Man aka Diesel) have shaped our story with memories and adventures each day. While I continue to capture our family tale, I also love to step into other people’s lives and catch their laughs and bright eyes as they reveal little pieces of their personalities. I would love the opportunity to help you document and share these fabulous moments we call life:)

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