The happy list

all those little things that make my heart flutter: (in no particular order)

1. The Husband

2. the feeling  immediately after I set the college record in the heptathlon (which I still hold, thank you )

3.  Ice cream (any time, any where) because it’s absolutely delicious

4.  Being welcomed by nieces with a screaming “Heidi”, running to entrance with their arms outreached.

5.  Seeing the utter joy on my son’s face when I walk into the house (I know this will change when he’s 15).

6.  Having random conversations with my people

7.  Having a scrapbook layout that’s inspriring and do-able…and the gratification when it actually turns out the way I want it.

8.  Blogging- what’s not to love about spewing random thoughts into a deep abyss, and sometimes people even read them!

9.  The sunshine…cause I am it’s queen

10. Random acts of kindness.

11.  Cheesy 80’s music complete with synthesizer

12.  Running or working out…but only when it’s good and sweaty!

13.  Finding out I still have money left after paying bills

14.  Spending that extra money (preferably on crafty-ness or Thrift store gold mines)

15.  Finding something you really wanted on sale

16.  Having a true selection of Wisconsin cheeses, and then eating them!

17.  Mini reunions with college friends who have all set out to be over-achievers!

18.  Finding out you did better than you thought on something

19.  Recognizing that my father will never be on the cover of a fashion magazine- unless they are making an example of what not to wear.

20.  Traveling, because I can.

21. Laying on the beach with book in hand- as if I’ll ever get a chance to read with all the goofy people that I need to watch.

22.  Exploring: the act of learning something new (cities, running stores, blogs, ice cream flavors…you get the picture)

23.  The Autumn  scenery  when leaves are at peak color

24.  Reese’s Peanut Butter cups

25.  intellectual conversations, or just conversating in general.

26.  SLR Cameras and being artistic

27. Girls weekends

28.  Sharing entertaining “moments” with mom

29.  Decorating for the seasons

30.  Or just redecorating in general

31.  Hangin out with my brothers and just listening, they make me laugh

32.  Organizing the clothes in my closet by the color order of the rainbow

33.  Hugs..big ones

34.  Smiles, complete with teeth and dimples

35.  things I find pinteresting 🙂

36.  Exotic vacations to all inclusive locations

37.  Home-made Macaroni and Cheese

38.  Having lunch with my grandma Lange, or when she would take me shopping every year for my Easter dress, and making sure I had a hat to match.

39.  good hair days which require little to no effort

40.  dogs, particularly of the grey short-haired and blue-eyed variety

41.  Taking a ride on the Harley or boat…on a perfect summer day

42.  Daisy’s

43.  Jack Johnson, all 120 songs on repeat!

44.  Guitar Hero, because it was made for me.  I have rock star abilities and amazing stage presence

45.  A sparkly diamond ring on my left hand

46.  Hearing songs that take you back to a time we sometimes forget about.

47.  Having an ipod to listen to occupy my thoughts while running so that it seems to end sooner

48.  New running gear

49.  Burt’s Bees Chapstick

50.  Stories and pictures from my ancestors

51.  My brown leather over-sized Living Room chair

52. the color brown

53. and baby blue, pink, yellow and orange

54.  Puffy down vests

55.  Dancing to hip-hop

56.  Drinking my parent’s water, cause it’s the best EVER

57.  Saying BEST EEVVVERRR! just like that

58.  Ice cream, even if it’s the 2nd time

59.  Having my dog think it’s okay to kick my mother-in-law out of “his chair!” (the big over-sized one mentioned above)

60.  Packages or letters in the mail.  Especially when you aren’t expecting them.  Feel free to send them any time you wish!  Money is always accepted.

61.  comfy PJ’s

62. Going camping in a tent, complete with campfire and pudgy pies.  (Preferably to state or national parks)

63.  Singing karaoke and others thinking that you are really good.

64.  Shopping at outlet stores, Thrift stores, or garage sales…I totally cave on good deals!

65.  Really big Warm fuzzy blankets

66.  Big beds and being able to sleep diagonal

67.  The smell of babies and nourishing the moments between the hour of 10 PM and 7 AM when it’s just me and them, a glider and minimal light/sound.

68.  wearing flip-flops

69.  Pretending I’m 4!

70.  Date nights, even if they are only twice a year!

71.  Having my little man fall asleep curled up in my arms!

72.  Having a snow day from school (when I was little).  Now I despise them!

73.  Doing a pull up, notice it’s singular “a” pull up (the exercise not the personal care item!)

74.  overcoming challenges

75.  The desire to have 12 children…I’d say 13 bit I’m a tad superstitious.

76.  having 24 more reasons to talk about myself

77.  Words like “explore” and “random”

78.  the feeling of truth and honesty with the husband, cause we are real like that.

79. Calling my mom for no reason multiple times a day.

80.  Milk- it does a body good

81.  Seeing the finish line, and then crossing it.

82.  Eating amazing food (Hibatchi style Japanese for example)

83.  Experiencing Pad Thai with Krista and Jon, or anytime in general.

84.  Having my best friend call after several months apart and being able to pick up right where we left off!

85.  Sugar free red bull, sometimes mixed with Grey Goose vodka.  And then regretting it the next day.

86.  popcorn from the whirly popper- homemade with oil, butter, and Lawry’s seasoning salt

87.  Pontoon Boats in the summer time

88.  Having my 18-month-old daughter call be my name

89.  The Internet…and the many ways I continue to find my self addicted.

90.  Massages…shoulders and head rank in the top two

91. Pedicures, because then my feet don’t look as nasty as they really are.

92.  When life is simple

93. coupons or any possible way to save money

94.  Making others laugh and smile

95. Magical-ness and getting to decide what that means

96.  Pretty paper and cute little boxes or something crafty like that!

97.  Finishing a book that I couldn’t put down.

98. Apple pie with cinnamon ice cream

99.  Coffee shops

and the 100th thing that makes me happy: Traveling around the world some day. cough.  Or just knowing that there are  many more exciting moments we get to look forward to!


2 responses to “The happy list

  1. Krista

    YAY #82!

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